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October 17, 2018


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9-30-18   Loan Fund Sheet: Prospect Barn


Why We Need Community Support


Our mission includes deconstructing buildings in order to save the materials. We recognize that doing so has long term positive impacts on the economy and the environment. However in the short term a particular job may require community support when Urbanminers and the property owner for example, do not have the resources to support the particular project. We consider these “community based” projects. In other parts of the country there are ordinances in place that support deconstruction, but in Connecticut we do not have these public economic incentives to save buildings.

Please read the attached “ Project Information Sheet” for more specifics on this project.




1)      Obtain financial support for specific projects that support the community in the long term,

2)      Promote general awareness of reuse and the availability of reclaimed materials.

3)      Assist individuals and organizations with removing their buildings in a more sustainable manner.



How to Contribute


Purchase EGift Cards from our website in any amount. This will create an account balance that you may use for online shopping or at one of our retail locations. At the end of the period specified, we will refund the balance on the account at your request. For example if you make no purchases within the time frame, you will be refunded 100% of the amount of your original purchase. * Note you will pay sales tax only at the time of an item purchase, not at the time of Giftcard purchase.


Purchase Here

Electronic Gift Cards Can Be Purchased On The Urbanminers Website Here:


Note that your account balance will be accessible vie your online account.

Note: You will be both the sender and the recipient, unless you are buying a gift card for someone else.


Project: Prospect Barn


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Date EGift Card balance is refundable: 12-28-18



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Joseph D. DeRisi, Owner



Please contact us with any questions


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