Project Information – Prospect Barn

October 17, 2018

Project Information and Loan Sheets





Project Information Sheet – Prospect Barn

Location – Prospect ,Ct.

                  Regional Water Authority Property


Project Description

This barn, located in Prospect Connecticut is contracted by Urbanminers to be removed. The owner, The Regional Water Authority put this removal out to bid as a deconstruction as opposed to a demolition, in part to honor their sustainability goals. Urbanminers agreed to remove this barn for the estimated cost of a regular demolition, with the plan being to pay augment that with sales revenue in order to complete the work.


The intention of this loan project is to cover our operating costs for removing the barn until we 1) get final payment or 2) sell enough materials to cover costs.


Community Value


It is estimated that the main barn structure is as old as 1840 or earlier. The framing, flooring and siding include a range of materials from 1840 to about 1900. Some hay loft decking , framing and siding has already been sold to be reused as flooring, paneling, table tops and as framing in another historic building as framing. There is also discussion about reusing the framing to build a barn on another local property. Deconstructing this barn instead of demolishing it will help meet the Regional Water Authority’s sustainability goals. From their website “  To us, sustainability is intertwined with economic development and the provision of water. It is also an approach that adds value, keeps citizens in mind and creates benefits for the region and the environment.”

Link to RWA Sustainability Web Page:

 Deconstruction provides jobs and the materials create secondary job opportunities. Yes minimizing waste by saving these materials mitigates climate change.

The Economics


Type of Removal – Full deconstruction, the goal is to recover 80% of material for reuse.

Urbanminers will remove all materials except the foundation and slab. We are getting paid the estimated regular demolition cost of  $ 6,360.00.

The total estimated cost for removing all materials is $ 20,920.00

The difference is $ 14,560.00, the amount needed over our payment to cover job costs.

The estimated value of materials is $ 21,840.00 ( based on selling 50% at wholesale and 50% at retail).

Total amount sold to date ( as of 10-15-18): $ 4,000.00

Total revenue to date $ 4,000.00 + $ 3,300.00 = $ 7,300.00

Total estimated revenue once all materials are sold and all payments from RWA are made: $ 28,200.00. Minus total estimated costs of $ 20,920.00 = a net of  $ 7,280.00.

Materials List:

Projected Timeline of Materials Sales and Payment Revenue

The below estimates indicate that we will break even by the end of the year, with about $ 7,000.00

in materials still in inventory, that is about the profit margin on the job, after everything else has

been paid. Note that storage costs for materials are not an included cost.

Date 10-16 11-2 11-15 11-29 12-28 totals
Material estimated sales Siding, Framing, sheathing Siding, Siding, framing, sheathing Siding, sheathing Siding, sheathing framing
Value 4,000.00 1,000.00 2,000.00 2,000.00 4,000.00 13,000.00
 Payments 3,200.00 3,300.00    6,500.00
End of Year Total 19,500.00