Double your purchasing power….

September 4, 2017

Recent fundraising campaign. Contribute any amount and get twice that amount in stuff !



Mission: recycle & reuse goods & used building materials to minimize waste to sustain the local community.”Buy in advance, get double the value in goods.
Fall Fund Raising Deal. We have alot of material we need to move fast. We are reconfiguring both our New Haven and Bridgeport spaces ,and we have a long list of expenses ….so to stimulate sales and cash flow we are offering a two for one deal. ( or you can just contribute, please specify)
For every donation amount for this campaign update, you will receive double that amount for any purchase between now and until whenever you use up your double value. Does not apply to direct online sales, but does apply to anything purchased from a job site as we announce ,or the New Haven location or any of our upcoming events ( Outerspace Fleamarket this coming Saturday and Whitneyville Festival on the 16th and a possible Bridgport storage sale on September 23rd. Donate and we will reply with an e-mail and confirmation that you are able to purchase double the value in materials at the locations mentioned above. Any amount. The double value deal is good for any purchase for any amount until your double value credit is used, no time limit.
Another way to look at it is: pay now and you get anything you buy up to that amount for half price. The $ 150.00 pine table tops shown below ? Come to one of our sites and pick one up for $ 75.00 !
Need 200 square feet of yellow pine ? On our website for $ 2.75 square foot or $ 550.00. But come to our location and pick it up for $ 225.00 !
Check our Instagram, Facebook and Website shopping pages to see what we have and for event updates. And if you do not see what you want contact us as we may have it in an upcoming job…..
Reminder: Nope, these contributions are not tax deductible. For one thing you are getting goods at 100% off so it is a discount, not a gift. And we are not a 501c3 tax exempt organization. We just have a community based mission. We do by the way have customers directly donate to local not for profit reuse organizations that does give them tax breaks and support these local not for profits. Contact us if you have any questions. Check our “services” page on our website for more details about what we do.Upcoming projects:
Converting our Bridgeport storage into retail space’
Truck – long over due overhaul
Reconfiguring our New Haven space
Setting up our furniture making operation
Increasing capacity to deconstruct buildings

table tops we made from barn wood.

Framing and 1×6