What’s Better Than Deconstructing a Building ? Moving it.

March 14, 2017

shed moving

Urbanminers has been promoting and engaging in the deconstruction of buildings for awhile now. But we only engage in deconstruction when a building is already determined to be ready for demolition. What is even better than deconstructing a building is saving the building “as is”. Just because a building may not longer be useful in its current location, it can be moved to a location where it does have a good use.

There is also a compromise in situations when a building cannot be moved intact ( e.g. its too big to fit on a trailer and drive down a road). In this case we can partially deconstruct a building or more accurately – deconstruction the building into large parts instead of individual pieces. In other words we are going to rebuild the building as it was instead of just getting a stock of materials as with a regular full deconstruction.

So if you need an outbuilding or know one that needs to be removed, call us ! We can often remove these small buildings for less than a demolition cost. 

Here are some buildings we are currently trying to move. If we cannot move them we can partially deconstruct. If not , we will fully deconstruct and recover all the materials to re-purpose.

Single car garage – We probably can move this as a unit. The cost will be less than a similar building built new from scratch or ordered from a manufacturer pre-made. And the building will fit right in if the property it goes to has a similar period house.  Bath house – This structure partially shares a wall with the beach house. One thought is to remove as is, then frame the back with materials salvaged from the house to make it complete and original. About 4 x 10 feet -would make an excellent tool shed or extravagant chicken coop.

A triple seat outhouse .We have posted this before. it is about 4 1/2 x  5 1/2 and currently used as a tool shed. We can most likely get this on a trailer and delivered for under $ 1,000.00, depending on distance, access at your site etc.

Barn. Owner needs it moved to a different location on the same property


Triple seat outhouse move from Old Saybrook to ?


Barn being moved to new location on same property.


garage being moved locally. If not practical, will be dissembled and reassembled in sections.


Attached shed bath house, perhaps remove and use matching materials from house to make complete 4 x 10 structure and keep it all “original”.