Formed out of a commitment to environmental and social sustainability, Urban Miners salvages building materials and household goods to pass on to you at affordable prices. Our mission “ recycle  & reuse goods & used building materials to minimize waste to sustain the local community.”  Spport our effort

Since 2007, Urban Miners has grown to become the forerunner and regional leader in a growing economy of retail reuse centers and salvage service industries. As of this year, we are moving towards increasing deconstruction services and selling larger volumes of salvaged materials directly from job sites, and decreasing our retail footprint.

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Recognized by the Hamden Chamber of Commerce as recipient of the 2012 Green Business Advocate Award and designated as Business New Haven’s Rising Star of 2010, Urban Miners also works with the public/private sector to educate and advocate for deconstruction and materials reuse.

Founder Joe DeRisi holds a master’s degree in resource management as well as a certificate in deconstruction, and has worked locally as an environmental analyst, conservationist and former building contractor. He works alongside a staff of talented others who share a vision for a sustainable future and a commitment to customer service.

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We now have inventory you can browse online ! Items purchased online can be picked up either in Bridgeport or New Haven area. Deliveries anywhere. Contact us for details.

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In our Bridgeport location we have lumber, stone, barn board, sashes, doors, radiators, some antique furniture, etc. Saturday 9 to 1. Call first 203-287-0852. Right now we mostly sell directly from jobs sites. So please check our website shopping page, facebook and instagram accounts for up to the minute decriptions of what is available.

Come join the adventure and hunt through our collection  of used, salvaged, materials and goods to find just what you need for home, office, dorm, creative project, gifts and more. Whether you are a contractor, homeowner, student, artist, or just an environmentally conscious shopper, Urban Miners connects you with a constantly changing stock of just about everything, including the proverbial kitchen sink! If you do not see what you are looking for, contact us ! Note: We are temporarily selling only online materials from our smaller storage facility or directly from our job sites. Over the next few month we will establish a local showroom , and by summer our Bridgeport location will be open full time. Meanwhile contact us if you are looking for something. Also check our Facebook and Instagram locations.


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Remodeling? Rebuilding? We help you make environmentally conscious choices by removing building materials such as cabinets, doors, hardware, fixtures, flooring, trim, and more–often substantially reducing your disposal fees and saving good stuff from the landfill at the same time.

We also do deconstruction: taking apart entire structures for those who seek a partial or full alternative to demolition. Often we can save up to 80% of the building materials. Urban Miners helps you maintain a clear conscience about not being wasteful while creating the home you’ve always wanted. There are options for donating all your materials to local not for profit reuse organizations as well.


It’s not junk to us! We do house clean outs before your move or in preparation for your estate sales.


When we get any call, to remove an item or an entire building, our goal is to work with the customer to minimize waste. Often renovations generate a lot of usable materials that are often overlooked. The contents of a house or factory or lab are often not integrated into the renovation or demolition plan. But when we look at the salvage of the contents and the building itself together, it can often provide a cost savings to the owner. Also when we do “clean outs” we sort through every item to determine reusability, while many clean out companies just chute the same stuff right into a dumpster. This is because it is more economical to save things when they can be directly retailed, which is what we do. So do not call us to remove the stuff after the demo, let us do the demo. We are also very good at removing stuff without damaging it so it is sellable.


Urban Miners runs do-it-yourself workshops and trainings, and is available to provide programs on reuse and deconstruction to architects, contractors, educational institutions, neighborhood associations, and other public/private enterprises.



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Urban Miners News

Help save from these buildings

DEADLINES APPROACHING Thanks to all that have made purchases of radiators, flooring and pews from our current job sites that require quick “emergency”recovery operations and fast turnover to make the jobs work ! But there is much more to do in the next two weeks:   Fifty historic stained glass windows – we have to […]


Materials and more materials

We are in the midst of salvaging from and 1880 house, along with a few other salvage projects. Check out a short video about the original flooring in the 1880 house Lots of materials from this house listed on our website shopping page. Here is a few pictures of the house    


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Urban Miners

Hamden, CT 06514

Temporarily online only

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(203) 287-0852


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Hours of Operation

As of 2-12-16 all of our retail sales will be online,materials will be available directly from our job sites, pick ups or deliveries only. Samples of materials can be seen by  appointment by contacting us. Instead of a large retail operation, we will be increasing our recovery of materials and focusing on distributing to wholesalers and manufactures. Individual customers will still be able to buy materials directly from jobs sites, however. Contact us for more details and look for much more on our website shopping cart.



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