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Mission: Formed out of a commitment to environmental and social sustainability, Urban Miners salvages building materials and household goods to pass on to you at affordable prices. Our mission “ recycle  & reuse goods & used building materials to minimize waste to sustain the local community.” 

Retail outlets.

As of February, 2019, we plan on reducing our retail sales to the following:

1) We will continue to advertise online from our website ,Facebook and Instagram sites.

2) We will sell materials directly from job sites whenever possible.

3) We will have pickup points by appointment when we cannot have pickup at a job site. For example at Fairhaven Furniture.

Pickups will be by appointment only.

4) We will be directing materials we do not sell initially to other local outlets and we will direct you do those outlets to purchase our salvaged materials.

5) We will continue to sell items made from our reclaimed materials at local shops, and pickup may be at those shops.

6) We will have samples and consignments at various locations including Fairhaven and others to be announced.

7) We will not have regular set retail hours, but appointments only. 11:00-1:00 at Fairhaven Furniture will become a regular appointment time, but for now please call us to make an appointment for our gallery at Fairhaven Furniture.



 March 5th, 2019 Note: Our online shopping page is off line temporarily as we overhaul our inventory listings. Please see our Facebook ,@urbanminersco , and Instagram posts, urbanminers.

We are a licensed demolition contractor.  See  Certificate See short barn deconstruction video:

Somers Barn Video   Somers barn Video Two

However we dissemble buildings by hand  and save the materials, only using equipment and disposal when necessary. We now will do complete demolition jobs ( with equipment)  in cases where materials cannot be saved, whether due to safety or economic concerns. call us if you have a house, shed, garage, barn or any other structure to remove

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    Our Work

Since 2007, Urban Miners has grown to become the forerunner and regional leader in a growing economy of retail reuse centers and salvage service industries. As of this year, we are moving towards increasing deconstruction services and selling larger volumes of salvaged materials directly from job sites, and through local not for profit reuse centers; decreasing our retail footprint in size (and increasing its eclecticism we hope).

Barn Deconstruction Video Here ! Watch the barn collapse while keeping in mind it is not , in fact, a demolition, but that, in fact, we are saving all of the materials for reuse. Enjoy the entertainment value of a building falling down , while having the assurance that it is not getting wasted – the best of both worlds. VIDEO HERE 

We sometimes engage in community projects that may not be profitable in the short run , but benefit the community in the long run. Contact us for more information about long term sustainability and our mission in action.

Current projects


Full Deconstruction

House in Greenwich , Ct.

This house will be fully deconstructed. A significant portion of the house , as well as landscaping, will be dismantled by Urbanminers, and provided to the owner for reuse. The remaining materials including materials such as oak flooring , cabinets and doors will be donated to a not for profit building materials reuse center.

IMG_1065 IMG_1066 IMG_8351

Barn in Prospect

IMG_0771 IMG_7407IMG_6880 IMG_6879

Barn in Prospect, Ct. that needs to be removed as soon as possible. We are looking for buyers of siding, sheathing and framing to help finance the removal. See more on how you can participate here:

Information Sheet   Loan Sheet


“Demolition with a salvage component.”


Full deconstructions can be expensive. They also produce more materials than we can turn over quickly. As a result we have started bidding work as demolition so that we in fact can bid competitively and then we save what we can sell directly from the job. This means the more you buy up front , the more we can keep out of the dumpster…”


Joe DeRisi, Urbanminers

IMG_8232 IMG_8176

This barn must be removed so that a new church can be built. Unfortunately some abatement is required that was not anticipated in the budget., so the project is on temporary hold.


Six car garage and carriage house. We plan on deconstructing this in the springtime .But we will be able to salvage materials earlier -partition walls, interior finishes, contents…..posting soon.


 Recognized by the Hamden Chamber of Commerce as recipient of the 2012 Green Business Advocate Award and designated as Business New Haven’s Rising Star of 2010, Urban Miners also works with the public/private sector to educate and advocate for deconstruction and materials reuse.

Founder Joe DeRisi holds a master’s degree in resource management as well as a certificate in deconstruction, and has worked locally as an environmental analyst, conservationist and former building contractor. He works alongside a staff of talented others who share a vision for a sustainable future and a commitment to customer service.


we now sell online directly from jobs .We also have a small inventory at Fairhaven Furniture, bu appointment only. We also sell our furniture grade materials from the custom shop. Pickups are by appointment. Currently we are selling online on Instagram and Facebook. Materials we do not sell from job sites go directly to not for profit materials reuse stores in the area.



 A few Current Salvage Projects

10 x 12 shed/ cabin, post $ beam , with an 8 x 10 porch.

    Listed Here                                    4 x 6 old garden shed.     Listed Here                   12 x 20 carriage house  Listed Here          Barn c. 1870  


image1 image3 IMG_7016IMG_0771

Previous year and this years’ picnic tables for New Haven Farms. 100% reclaimed materials. Including hardware. Super duty so they do not break or wander off. Somers barn project pretty far along, material samples located in our Bridgeport location. Our Prospect barn deconstruction getting started. We have samples of all materials in our Bridgeport location.  A list of materials with estimates of amounts of each that will be available is linked here: Prospect Barn Materials List

Barn c. 1870  Video of sample materials here


It should also be noted that we also salvage materials from houses and coordinate the donation of materials from the owner directly to local not for profit reuse organizations throughout the region. When we are paid to salvage and the owner receives a donation value for the materials we are able to recover a larger volume of materials because they can be distributed to multiple retail outlets. Contact us for details on how you can benefit from recovering your materials from renovations or house demolitions.

Come join the adventure and hunt through our collection  of used, salvaged, materials and goods to find just what you need for home, office, dorm, creative project, gifts and more. Whether you are a contractor, homeowner, student, artist, or just an environmentally conscious shopper, Urban Miners connects you with a constantly changing stock of just about everything, including the proverbial kitchen sink! If you do not see what you are looking for, contact us ! But remember shopping with us starts at the job site even before we remove the items !

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Remodeling? Rebuilding? We help you make environmentally conscious choices by removing building materials such as cabinets, doors, hardware, fixtures, flooring, trim, and more–often substantially reducing your disposal fees and saving good stuff from the landfill at the same time.

We also do deconstruction: taking apart entire structures for those who seek a partial or full alternative to demolition. Often we can save up to 80% of the building materials. Urban Miners helps you maintain a clear conscience about not being wasteful while creating the home you’ve always wanted. There are options for donating all your materials to local not for profit reuse organizations as well. Deconstruction can keep the building out of the landfill, provide local artists and manufacturers with a unique resource, AND we often can make it an economic advantage to the home owner. Contact us for details.

Saving materials Videos

Old video of us recovering flooring

Current recovery video of material


It’s not junk to us! We do house clean outs before your move or in preparation for your estate sales.We take the extra time to sort through all household materials to recover everything usable.


When we get any call, to remove an item or an entire building, our goal is to work with the customer to minimize waste. Often renovations generate a lot of usable materials that are often overlooked. The contents of a house or factory or lab are often not integrated into the renovation or demolition plan. But when we look at the salvage of the contents and the building itself together, it can often provide a cost savings to the owner. Also when we do “clean outs” we sort through every item to determine reusability, while many clean out companies just chute the same stuff right into a dumpster. This is because it is more economical to save things when they can be directly retailed, which is what we do. So do not call us to remove the stuff after the demo, let us do the demo. We are also very good at removing stuff without damaging it so it is sellable.


shed moving

Extremely simplified explanation of why we should deconstruct buildings and why we don’t.

Deconstruction versus demolition: Deconstruction:

Reduces waste by up to 80%

Produces five times the employment.

Creates a unique local resource

Urban Miners runs do-it-yourself workshops and trainings, and is available to provide programs on reuse and deconstruction to architects, contractors, educational institutions, neighborhood associations, and other public/private enterprises. We document our salvage work and provide historic context for the products we sell. We see every salvage project as an opportunity to demonstrate the social, environmental and economic opportunities of reuse.


Current NEWSLETTER here:  http://conta.cc/2i2KjcZ

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Retail: Saturdays 10 to 1 pm 72 Blatchley Avenue New Haven

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