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Mission: Formed out of a commitment to environmental and social sustainability, Urban Miners salvages building materials and household goods to pass on to you at affordable prices. Our mission “ recycle  & reuse goods & used building materials to minimize waste to sustain the local community.” 

Retail outlets.

As of February, 2019, our retail plan is :

1) We will continue to advertise online from our website ,Facebook and Instagram sites.

2) We will sell materials directly from job sites.

3) We will have pickup points by appointment when we cannot have pickup at a job site.

4) We will be directing materials we do not sell initially to other local outlets and we will direct you do those outlets to purchase our salvaged materials.

5) We will continue to sell items made from our reclaimed materials at local shops, and pickup may be at those shops. We will announce from time to time sales events at these outlets.

6) We will have samples and consignments at various locations  to be announced.

7) Materials we salvage from deconstruction and salvage projects that we do not sell directly or not wholesale to an outlet, will be donated to local Materials Reuse Centers.


We are a licensed demolition contractor.  See  Certificate See short barn deconstruction video:

Somers Barn Video   Somers barn Video Two

However we dissemble buildings by hand  and save the materials, only using equipment and disposal when necessary. We now will do complete demolition jobs ( with equipment)  in cases where materials cannot be saved, whether due to safety or economic concerns. call us if you have a house, shed, garage, barn or any other structure to remove

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    Our Work

Since 2007, Urban Miners has grown to become the forerunner and regional leader in a growing economy of retail reuse centers and salvage service industries. As of this year, we are moving towards increasing deconstruction services and selling larger volumes of salvaged materials directly from job sites, and through local not for profit reuse centers; decreasing our retail footprint in size (and increasing its eclecticism we hope).

Barn Deconstruction Video Here ! Watch the barn collapse while keeping in mind it is not , in fact, a demolition, but that, in fact, we are saving all of the materials for reuse. Enjoy the entertainment value of a building falling down , while having the assurance that it is not getting wasted – the best of both worlds. VIDEO HERE 

We sometimes engage in community projects that may not be profitable in the short run , but benefit the community in the long run. Contact us for more information about long term sustainability and our mission in action.

Current projects

Six car garage and carriage house. This project is currently in progress. We have redirected over 2,000 sq ft of 1×6 pine boards, 250 sq ft of 1 x 10 pine boards.





IMG_1458IMG_1453cropped roof

IMG_1834 IMG_1837 IMG_1838 IMG_1839 IMG_1840


 Salvage Projects – We have number of salvage projects involving large volumes of materials we are helping divert from the waste stream in cooperation with the organizations and contractors involved. Including a current project to reclaimed hundreds of cabinets from a local museum. This is part of an an amazing renovations project at the world renown Peabody Museum at Yale University. More on their renovation project here: Peabody Renovation 

More  Details Here  You can purchase these exclusively at Monger’s Market in Bridgeport. Link to Monger’s Market Facebook Page



And the Mantel below, an European import with evidence supporting  14th or 15 century origins ! Also loads of interior imported  1600′s Tudor  boards, 50 doors, hundreds of square feet of blue stone, windows, 600 square feet of wide oak flooring, 7 mantels total, cabinets, and fixtures saved from the wrecking ball. From a house in Ossining, New York. Thanks to the folks at Teatown , a nonprofit nature preserve and environmental education center in the lower Hudson Valley of New York.

IMG_9175IMG_1031front door two front door one

IMG_0146 IMG_1345 IMG_1342 IMG_0093

7 1/2 inch Oak Flooring recovered from a 1913 house

7 1/2 inch Oak Flooring recovered from a 1913 house


Greenwich deconstruction. Not a house demo, but a renovation. Flooring, doors, windows, trim, cabinets, fixtures all being salvaged and either being reused by owner, sold or donated to a not for profit reuse store. Currently available as of 2-15-20 : 2,000 sq ft of white oak 2 1/4″ flooring, The pine shelving and wainscoting room, columns, siding, crown and other moldings, windows etc. All listed here: Greenwich Materials Data Base   Special thanks to BPC Greenbuilders. 


IMG_1760 IMG_1785 IMG_1522 IMG_1584 IMG_1585 IMG_1640 IMG_1643 IMG_1646 IMG_9397 IMG_9401 IMG_9418IMG_9415


Kitchen reclamation.  

A very nice kitchen is finding a new home. A contractor working on replacing a kitchen needed to find a new home for this really nice kitchen that was coming out as part of a renovation. One of our Urbanminers customers needed a new kitchen and so a new home is on the way. The kitchen is being removed by New England Reuse of North Haven one of the few other businesses in Connecticut focusing on deconstruction, and that also retails reclaimed building products. Special thanks to Russel Woodworks.

IMG_1609 IMG_1610 IMG_1614 IMG_1615 IMG_1617 IMG_1618




Please check our Instagram and Facebook sites for more……..

We are also showing samples and products at the Sage Studio Warehouse on Fridays and Saturdays now through the holidays. The warehouse is located in East Haven , Ct. Call 203-287-0852 to let us know you are coming, and we will provide specific directions.More details here:

                                                                            Sage open House Nov. 15-16

Photos From Sage Studios

IMG_9029 IMG_9607 vlaue added one IMG_0056 IMG_0263 IMG_9431 IMG_9733front door one front door two

Super duper vintage shallow drawer cabinets. Solid pine , 16 and 20 drawer options. 16 drawer are 42 1/2 wide by 31 1/2 tall x 26 deep. 20 drawer are 42 1/2 wide x 39 tall by 28 deep. Finish varies some . Some have more paint than others.  These cabinets are now available for purchase at Monger’s Market in Bridgeport. They are open on Sundays.


Utterly amazing doors from a house in New York. Flooring from a house in New Haven, 2 1/2 ” vertical grain heart pine. 200 square feet removed, denailed an wrapped and ready to go. Pickup Hamden.

IMG_1320 vg pine edited IMG_2771

IMG_1345 IMG_0093

We have three similar 1913 fireplace mantels / surrounds. Contact us for sizes.

We have three similar 1913 fireplace mantels / surrounds. Contact us for sizes.


oak flooring 7 1/4 inch oak flooring , c. 1913, 700 Sq Ft available. As of 9-5-19 – 400 sq ft remaining.

. Gray barn board.


Left to right. Available, Chestnut, Redwood, Red pine, all with various finishes.



IMG_8204 IMG_8965   IMG_1221

1×6 Pine c. 1920, sanded and finished; 1920′s pine as it comes out; over 1,000 sq ft available;  loft floor 1920′s whitewashed as salvaged, , 400-500 sq ft available.


IMG_1222 IMG_8232

Loft floor boards 1920′s, cleaned , unfinished.      barn siding and tin roof ready to go.


C. 1920′s garages with loads of old wood.



heartpine IMG_9016

Wide heart pine is a special order , as it is cut from old factory beams. call Sage Studios at 203-481-1837 for more information.




barn board, premium, tobacco barn, cleaned and matched 1 x12 , mostly 8-15 ft lengths, 200 sq ft lot minimum at $ 7.00 sq ft. Barn board mixed colors, about 200 sq feet for $ 680.00, 8 foot lengths.

IMG_9018 IMG_9017


Eastern White pine, barn wood. 5/4 x 6 3/4 x 10-14 ft lengths. 200 sq ft. either unfinished or finished, call for price.

IMG_9029 IMG_9025 IMG_9027 IMG_9020 IMG_9019 Furniture grade 3-4 ft cutoffs of late 18th century through 20th century wood. Mixed of all species  and finishes. Sold by the pallet.



If you do not see what you are looking for, contact us ! But remember shopping with us starts at the job site even before we remove the items !


Remodeling? Rebuilding? We help you make environmentally conscious choices by removing building materials such as cabinets, doors, hardware, fixtures, flooring, trim, and more–often substantially reducing your disposal fees and saving good stuff from the landfill at the same time.

We also do deconstruction: taking apart entire structures for those who seek a partial or full alternative to demolition. Often we can save up to 80% of the building materials. Urban Miners helps you maintain a clear conscience about not being wasteful while creating the home you’ve always wanted. There are options for donating all your materials to local not for profit reuse organizations as well. Deconstruction can keep the building out of the landfill, provide local artists and manufacturers with a unique resource, AND we often can make it an economic advantage to the home owner. Contact us for details.

Saving materials Videos

Old video of us recovering flooring

Current recovery video of material


Recent Installations of Reclaimed Materials

Library shelving unit made from reclaimed chestnut church pews.

IMG_0277 IMG_0279 IMG_0280IMG_0278




It’s not junk to us! We do house clean outs before your move or in preparation for your estate sales.We take the extra time to sort through all household materials to recover everything usable.


When we get any call, to remove an item or an entire building, our goal is to work with the customer to minimize waste. Often renovations generate a lot of usable materials that are often overlooked. The contents of a house or factory or lab are often not integrated into the renovation or demolition plan. But when we look at the salvage of the contents and the building itself together, it can often provide a cost savings to the owner. Also when we do “clean outs” we sort through every item to determine reusability, while many clean out companies just chute the same stuff right into a dumpster. This is because it is more economical to save things when they can be directly retailed, which is what we do. So do not call us to remove the stuff after the demo, let us do the demo. We are also very good at removing stuff without damaging it so it is sellable.

 Referrals -

Our goal is to reclaim and divert as much as possible from the waste stream . We often refer our customers to other reuse outlets, provide advice on how they can save materials on their own, and provide information and site assessments on deconstruction and diverting materials without charge. If you have received this kind of service from us , you can support this effort here: gofundme.com/f/6p2jsd2j6g

shed moving

Extremely simplified explanation of why we should deconstruct buildings and why we don’t.

Deconstruction versus demolition: Deconstruction:

Reduces waste by up to 80%

Produces five times the employment.

Creates a unique local resource

Urban Miners runs do-it-yourself workshops and trainings, and is available to provide programs on reuse and deconstruction to architects, contractors, educational institutions, neighborhood associations, and other public/private enterprises. We document our salvage work and provide historic context for the products we sell. We see every salvage project as an opportunity to demonstrate the social, environmental and economic opportunities of reuse.


Current NEWSLETTER here:  http://conta.cc/2i2KjcZ


Urban Miners News

Contact Information

Urban Miners


(203) 287-0852



Hours of Operation

We currently list materials for sale on Facebook and Instagram or on our website. We also sell directly from our job sites. Customers may also pickup at various shops and retail outlets that we work with.

Some of the materials we salvage and advertise may be donated to local not for profit reuse centers and we will direct you to those locations for purchasing those items.


Online shopping page and sales by phone all the time.


Map  of retail location

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